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Aragon Neighborhood Association, Inc.

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elcome to Aragon, one of the premier urban residential communities in Pensacola.  Aragon is a neighborhood with a sense of place. Located just a few blocks from Downtown Pensacola, Aragon has an old town feel with front porches, rear alleys, and open spaces. All this creates a welcoming and charming community where neighbors stop for chats and children play.

Please explore Aragon and get to know us as we share a little bit about who we are as a community.  And, if you are interested in joining us, please contact a local realtor. 

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657 East Romana StreetPensacola FL32502

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How long has Aragon been in existence? In the 1990’s the former public housing area known as Aragon Court was torn down due to disrepair.  The local C...
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Building Guidelines

There are six different building types within Aragon: Townhouse, Cottage, Park House, Sideyard House, Small Cottage, and Row House. The diversity of h...
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Book Club

Aragon residents are invited to attend our monthly Book Club.  In addi...

Community Garden

Garden plots for growing vegetables, herbs or flowers are available to...

Crescent Parks

The Crescent Parks stretch along the north side of Romana Street and a...

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