15 Apr 2022

Building Guidelines

There are six different building types within Aragon: Townhouse, Cottage, Park House, Sideyard House, Small Cottage, and Row House. The diversity of housing types, gives Aragon a unique look reminiscent of historic Southern towns. In fact, some visitors mistakenly think the neighborhood dates from the early 1900’s.  

The Aragon Design Code ensures that all buildings within Aragon reflects the charm and look envisioned by the developers. The Aragon Architectural Review Board (AARB), comprised of local architects, is charged with reviewing and approving the architectural plans for all new or renovated buildings.  Only architects and contractors who have been approved by the AARB may design or build within the neighborhood.

If you are interested in building within Aragon, the following documents will provide information on how to get started. For more specific information, please contact the HOA Manager at (850) 434-7633 or  [email protected]

Aragon Design Code

Approved Architects

Approved Contractors