22 Apr 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Aragon been in existence?

In the 1990’s the former public housing area known as Aragon Court was torn down due to disrepair.  The local Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) hosted a competition for the redevelopment of the area.  Aragon was the vision of architect Michelle MacNeil of Architectural Affairs. Ms. MacNeil put together a team with the Aragon Group and won the competition. MacNeil and the Aragon Group proposed a community mixing residential and commercial properties, within walking distance to downtown Pensacola. The Aragon neighborhood broke ground in 1999.

What was the thinking behind the design of Aragon?

Aragon is based on the concepts of “new urbanism” which envisions walkable and bikeable neighborhoods where residents live in proximity to retail stores, churches, restaurants, and other urban amenities.  Aragon is a neighborhood with a sense of place.  The old town feel of front porches, rear alleys, playgrounds, gardens, and open space all make for a welcoming and charming community.

I am interested in building in Aragon.  What do I need to do?

We welcome all new residents whether you are buying an existing home or building new.  All new construction or changes to the exterior of existing homes must be approved by the Aragon Architectural Review Board.  The Aragon Design Code provides detailed standards and guidelines regulating siting, use, heights, building materials, and other matters essential for creating a visually harmonious community while also allowing for creative expression and variety. If you are interested in building, please contact the HOA Manager at 850-232-7916 or [email protected]  for guidance.

I would like to hold my wedding at your gazebo, who do I contact?

The Gazebo along with other amenities within Aragon are for the private use of residents.  Homeowners may reserve the gazebo or other areas such as the Rose Walk or Gathering Green by completing the Common Area Reservation Form in the secure area of this site.

My group would like to take pictures in your neighborhood.  Do we need approval.

We welcome small groups to walk around our neighborhood and take photos.  However, we do ask that you respect the privacy and property of neighborhood residents. Please refrain from taking pictures on porches without owner’s permission. Large or unruly groups may be asked to leave.