Q. I’m interested in buying a lot or house in Aragon.  Who do I contact?
A. Please contact a local REALTOR for information on available properties in Aragon.

Q. Where can I find information on lot sizes and building requirements for the various lots in Aragon?
A. Almost everything you need to know about architectural styles and regulations is located in the Aragon Design Code book.  An online pdf version is available through this website under the “Information” tab.  A hardcopy of the Aragon Design Code can also be purchased, contact the HOA for details.

Q. How do I find the list of the approved architects and builders for the Aragon?
A. The website manager for Aragon should be able to provide you with an up-to-date list of approved architects and builders.

Q. The architect or builder I would like to use is not on the approved list.  Can they be added?
A.  Your architect or builder would need to apply for approval from the Aragon Architectural Review Board.  For information on the application process please  Contact Us .

Q. How do I get a login ID and password for the owner’s private section?
A. Send a request via the Contact Us link.  Once verified as a resident, your account will be set up.

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