The homeowners association is self-managed and employs an experienced team of professionals and homeowners to handle any and all needs of the community.

The master plan for Aragon is a traditional neighborhood development with walkable streets, parks, businesses and a range of housing types. Unlike typical suburbs which separate homes from businesses and force dependence on the automobile, the Aragon design is intended to mix commercial, civic and residential uses in a way which enlivens the community.

The portion of the master plan area which is south of Romana Street is within the Historic Pensacola Preservation District and continues its street pattern and historic building design. The portion of the master plan area which is north of Romana Street is within the Gateway Redevelopment District. Each with its own special zoning provisions.

Most streets, sidewalks and the park within Aragon are dedicated to the public. The neighborhood association will own and maintain any street, alleys, sidewalks, recreational facilities and parks within Aragon which are not dedicated to the public.

The Aragon design code communicates the elements which are essential for creating the community. Within these essential elements there is room for the creative and individual design which vitalizes the community.

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