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Welcome to Aragon, a traditional neighborhood with charm and new urbanism principals.  As residents, friends and family we welcome you to browse the website to get to know us.

Aragon is built on 21 acres with 141 mixed use building sites in downtown Pensacola, one block from Pensacola Bay and adjacent to the Historic District and vibrant downtown Pensacola.  It is the westernmost city along the Florida panhandle and the county seat of Escambia County, Florida easily accessed by Interstate I-10 in Florida.

This traditional neighborhood has everything a working, growing family or retirees would want.  Included in the neighborhood plan are a kid’s park, crescent park, gathering green park and community garden.  The underground utilities, historic streetlights and alley access to most lots makes for a pedestrian friendly neighborhood.

The traditional neighborhood design has six different types of architecture.  They are cottages, small cottages, townhouses, row houses, park houses and side yard houses.  Most lots are Mixed residential and commercial use.  All buildings are unique and custom designed.  Guidelines are strictly enforced to maintain the beauty of the neighborhood.  See Architectural styles below for details on building styles.

Aragon History

The legacy of Aragon began in the 1940s as naval housing and later became known as Aragon Court, government funded public housing.  It was torn down in the 1990s due to disrepair.  The Community Redevelopment Agency was formed in 1987 and was tasked with the redevelopment of many areas in Pensacola.  Aragon was one of the first projects considered.  It was the vision of the Architect, Michelle MacNeil of Architectural Affairs.  She put together a team with the Aragon Group that won the competition as a community of mixed use, within walking distance to all of the activities in downtown Pensacola creating the new urbanism, which broke ground in 1999.

In 2016 there are 86 sites built with 119 residential units and 4 businesses.  Property values have continued to climb for Aragon as well as the historic district as many of the historic homes are renovated to beautiful properties nearby.


Walkability and biking are a pleasure to access vibrant Palafox Street in downtown Pensacola.  Restaurants, shops, a farmers market, post office, library, banks, museums, parks, churches, marinas, ball parks and bay front walks are all within walking distance of the community.  Old Seville Square (link) host year round festivals and activities within walking distance. (fragment)   The new urbanism design of living, working and playing in the same place makes life less hectic.

In addition to the Naval Air Station and the home of the Blue Angels, some of the larger employers are Escambia County School Board, Baptist Health Care Corporation, Delta Health Group Inc., Sacred Heart Health System Inc., University of West Florida, Lakeview Center Inc., County of Escambia, Gulf Power Company, Andrews Institute and ihmc.

Aragon is a neighborhood with a sense of place.  The old town feel of front porches to chat with your neighbors, rear alleys, playgrounds, community gardens, a gathering green, benches, sculptures, bus route and a clock tower all make for a welcoming and charming community.

Architectural Styles

Aragon is designed to connect to the surrounding Historic District, downtown, Pensacola Bay, and area parks through a system of sidewalks, walkways, and streets, allowing for a variety of routes through the neighborhood.  Alleys behind the buildings remove the clutter of driveways and utilities from the main streets and provide intriguing places for children’s games.  Carriage houses and outbuildings open onto alleys and provide additional space for rental or guest apartments, studios, or home-based offices.

In Aragon, there are a variety of building types and uses, which provide a range of living options and a variety of activities just a short walk away.  There are six different building types and each type may be built only on the lots designated for it on the Regulating Plan.

Type I – Townhouse This type is located along 9th Avenue and Privateer’s Alley.  These townhouses are modeled after buildings on Palafox Street and may be commercial, residential, or mixed use.  Balconies on these 2 to 3-1/2 story buildings offer a view of Pensacola Bay.  Lot sizes are approximately 29 feet wide by 120 feet deep.

Type II – Cottage This type borders the Historic District on Cevallos, Romana, and Florida Blanca Streets.  Cottages south of Romana, within the Historic District, are residential, commercial, or both.  North of Romana they are residential and can include limited office space.  These are similar to the cottages located in the Historic District.  Front porches complement these 1 to 2-1/2  story buildings.  Lot sizes range from 38 to 40 feet wide by 109 feet to 154 feet deep.

Type III – Park House This type surrounds Crescent Park and overlooks the park and Romana Street.  These 2 to 3-1/2 story buildings feature double galleried porches similar to the Dorr House on Seville Square.  Wrought iron fences delineate the park’s edge.  Carriage houses, widows’ walks, towers, dormers, and garden walls complement these grand buildings.  They may be residential with or without limited office space, or bed and breakfast.  Lot sizes are 40 to 50 feet wide by 125 feet deep.

Type IV – Sideyard House This type has two variations: Type A (with alley access) is located on Aragon Street; Type B (with street access) is located on Santos Street and Florida Blanca Street.  Inspired by Charleston’s historic houses, these 1 to 2-1/2 story buildings are positioned lengthwise which makes the side yard the primary yard. A long porch runs along this side of the house. These can be residential or residential with limited office space.  Lot sizes are 30 to 36 feet wide by 90 to 208 feet deep.

Type V – Small Cottage This type surrounds Gathering Green park. These 2 to 2-1/2 story cottages have double galleried porches which allow for beautiful views over the park.  Garden walls or outbuildings screen the parking at the rear from Gathering Green East or West (Street). These can be residential or residential with limited office space. Lot sizes are approximately 25 feet wide by 100 feet deep.

Type VI – Row House This type is located on Aragon and Centros Streets.  These 1 to 2-1/2 story row houses are reminiscent of those in southern downtowns. They have a front porch or balcony, and at the rear, they have intimate courtyards surrounded by the walls of the building and garden walls.  These can be residential or residential with limited office space.  Lot sizes range from 30 to 32 feet wide by 65 to 100 feet deep.

The creation of the Aragon community is a collaborative effort between Michelle MacNeil of the Aragon founders and those building in Aragon.  The community space, streets, walkways, and parks are established in part by the placement and design of the individual homes and buildings within the community.

The Aragon Design Code provides detailed standards and guidelines regulating siting, use, heights, building materials, and other matters essential for creating a visually harmonious community while also allowing for creative expression and variety.  These requirements vary according to different building types.  In order to ensure that buildings in Aragon are built in accordance with the Design Code, each building will go through a review process, starting with early design sketches and going through construction documents. A final inspection will also take place at the construction site to ensure that buildings have been built according to approved plans.

The hope of the Aragon founders is that Aragon will provide that which is essential for community – a sense of place that enhances the lives of those in Aragon.

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